What’s the biggest cost to you when you realise you’ve got a...

What’s the biggest cost to you when you realise you’ve got a customer you shouldn’t have taken on in the first place?

It could be money, but more often than not, it’s not!

The most Costly part of taking on a client you shouldn’t have, is the stress and frustration that it causes, and probably even more detrimental than that is the erosion of trust!

To give your customer the best possible experience it’s gotta start with high levels of trust from your part. When they experience the trust from you, it tends to lower their barriers, and you received high levels of trust back. That’s a win win!

The best way to avoid this happening in your business is to implement a “qualify” process! The most important part of that process is knowing what we call your “anti-avatar”. Simply, this is a Frankenstein of all of your worst customers. By understanding the character traits and the personality traits of your absolute worst possible client, you can build what we call “behavioural hurdles”, knowing these inappropriate clients won’t jump over them, and move forward in your process.

I’m interviewing Stephen O’Keefe, a builder from Victoria who is gonna share his experience with nightmare clients and how he has eliminated them from his business. This is happening in our closed Facebook group builders inner circle. If you’re not a member already, either click the link below, or copy and paste the link into a browser to join.



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