What the hell is “the law of the farm”?Probably one of the most...

What the hell is “the law of the farm”?

Probably one of the most essential laws of nature you can apply to your building business.

I first read about it in Stephen Covey’s the seven habits of highly effective people. It basically outlines, it’s the small and even “seemingly insignificant” actions we repeat on a daily basis that give us either success or failure.

The bit that tends to bite us in the bum is the “seemingly insignificant”!

It’s best explained by the old chestnut of compounding interest. If you take one cent and double it over just 31 days you end up with $10,737,418.24. It seems incredible that you can get that figure in just 31 days. But what’s more incredible is if you just take one day away from the equation the outcome gets halved!

We need to take this into consideration every day when we decide to do the small things that make the big difference in our business. Such as posting quality content. Having properly  structured team meetings. Applying the profit first system to the business. Creating a proper Prioritised Daily Action List. And the list goes on.

The law of the farm, is a law of nature. And you can either use it to your advantage, or you can become a victim of it. Because, repeating poor choices, that are also seemingly insignificant, will cause your demise.

So what’s it gonna be? It’s completely your choice!

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