Today I started listening to my good friend Mike Michalowicz’s...

Today I started listening to my good friend Mike Michalowicz’s new book called “Clockwork”. Its focus is on giving you seven steps on how you can have your business run like clockwork.

It’s all about giving yourself the freedom that was part of the main motivation to work for yourself, start up and run your own business in the first place!

You need to have a certain character, or personality type to take the risks and responsibilities to start up and run your own business. Part of that make up is hard work. Getting up early staying up late, and going in even when you’re on death’s door.

This is essential if you want your business to succeed. But, at a certain stage of your businesses maturity it becomes a curse!

Through this constant and consistent hard work we develop the habit of taking on more to-do’s, and taking on more responsibility. We get worse and worse at getting things “off” our daily action list.

That’s the important part of the entrepreneurial mentality that needs to be developed if you own a business. A business owner continues to take on more, and just work harder. The entrepreneur however, has a part of their daily purpose focused on eliminating regular activities of their daily list.

They do this by asking “can this task be eliminated completely, automated with some software etc, outsourced to someone else who can do it far better, faster and cheaper. Lastly can it be delegated to someone in the team.”

I can highly recommend getting yourself a copy of Mike’s book “Clockwork” so you too can understand why, believe it or not, a focus on productivity sucks! I know you’re probably thinking that last statement doesn’t make much sense, just grab a copy of the book and you’ll quickly understand.

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