Your brain is not a storage facility!Your brain isn’t designed...

Your brain is not a storage facility!

Your brain isn’t designed to simply be a storage facility, for everything you need to remember. You’re far better using your brain for designing ways to overcome problems and taking advantage of the plethora of opportunities that come our way daily.

The best way to free your mind up to be put to better use, is by creating a prioritised daily action list.

The description is in the title! It’s obviously a list of actions that you create DAILY. But the key is to have each of those actions prioritised. And that’s easier said than done. Because we tend to be pushed around by the emotion of urgent!

One of the most valuable distinctions you can make that will help you with this, is understanding that urgent has nothing to do with the importance of an activity. Urgency is simply an emotion, whereas importance has to do with the consequences of either doing or not doing an action.

So the secret here is to prioritise each event in your prioritised daily action list by asking this question, “what will happen if I don’t do this today?” The key word in that question is TODAY! Because it’s easy to fool yourself into thinking that if I don’t do this, and it needs to be done sometime, that all of a sudden this activity goes up the list of priorities. But in reality if you’re just asking the question about what will happen if I don’t do this today, more often than not it just means need to do it tomorrow or in the next few days.

Do this and you’ll start to see things in a very different light. The benefit of doing it this way is it simply takes all of the urgency out of the equation and allows you to make better, more informed decisions, which gives you a sense of being genuinely “the master of your own destiny”.

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