You don’t get chosen based on your price!You get chosen because...

You don’t get chosen based on your price!

You get chosen because of the perception of the value your prospect feels you will deliver.

When I talk about this with builders and ask them what they would need to do to deliver value, they give me all sorts of crap. And the stupid thing is most of it costs the builder either time or money, or both, and doesn’t represent value from the prospect or customer’s point of view.

The crazy thing is the single most valuable thing you can offer, that will give your customer or your prospect a profoundly deep sense of value is, to simply understand them!

Now please understand, that understanding simply means to understand.LOL.

What I really mean is, you don’t have to agree with somebody to understand. You simply need to listen, feedback the content that you heard, plus the emotion with which it was delivered. This is incredibly powerful, and it’s free. It just takes a bit of effort, practice and a bit of time on your part.

Here’s a couple of great resources that you can use to learn this undeniably invaluable skill. One, is habit five, from the book “the seven habits of highly effective People”. The second is a book called “why people don’t listen” by Hugh McKay.

So the bottom line is, if you want to increase the number and the quality of projects you get in your building business, this is the single most important skill and area you can put your time and effort into.

If you got any questions or comments, pop into our facebook group just for builders. Builders Inner Circle. here’s the link.


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