The opposite is often a great strategy!Walt Disney was quoted to...

The opposite is often a great strategy!

Walt Disney was quoted to have said “look around and see what the world is doing, and don’t do it!”

So what does this mean for a builder? Okay let’s take a look at a few things…

Most builders believe everyone makes decisions based on price, you should set your business up as if no one makes decisions based on price!

Most builders believe profit is what’s left over if they’re lucky enough to have paid all of the costs. You should run your business, so you take the profit first, and learn how to run your business more effectively with what’s left over!

Most builders believe the customer is the most important person in the business. You should run your business as if you are the most important person in the business, and commit to improving your skills of people management, communication, team building and leadership, and be working on a better mindset on a daily basis.

Most builders believe it’s the market and the economy that determines the success of their business, which in essence is everything external to the business. You need to run your business as if the success or otherwise of your business is determined completely from internal factors. You, your leadership, your decisions, your mindset and the energy that you bring to the team as an example every day!

Most builders believe their prospects care about the builders quality of workmanship, knowledge and experience. You need to run your building business as if your prospects don’t care a stuff about any of that, and only care about getting a solution to their problem, and how understanding you are, in listening to their problem, and how much you care!

Most builders think that their team members are only there for the money. You need to run your building business as if the team members are there to grow, learn, contribute, be part of a team, and take on more responsibility.

The bottom line is, YES… That many people Can be wrong! Don’t fall into the trap of duplicating a broken business model!

If any of this has offended you, and you don’t believe it’s correct, I’m more than happy to enter into a conversation with you! But more importantly happy to help you to change your mind to align with this way of thinking! Because the one thing you can’t argue with is, if I’m right, and you join our paradigm, you will have a much better, more profitable, more enjoyable, successful business!

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