How you get everything done!Well… You don’t. In fact, thinking...

How you get everything done!

Well… You don’t. In fact, thinking that you should, or you can, is a major part of the problem.

Too many people think they’re a superhero, and they should be able to race into a telephone booth, change into their outfit with their undies on the outside of their tights, and get everything done. It’s just not going to happen!

One of the big reasons why is a thing called “Pattersons law”. Which basically states the work will expand to the time given to it.

So what’s my advice… Change the objective! Instead of believing that you should be able to get “everything” done, change the objective to “get the most important things done” at the end of the day.

To do this you must know what those “important things” are! Just applying priorities to a list full of “stuff” isn’t going to make it any more effective. A proper priority process (which is quite hard to say 10 times really fast, LOL) can only be established when you have clearly defined goals for your business. Then any activity that is directly connected to those goals, will be a high priority. Activities that are only remotely connected, are less of a priority, and actions that aren’t connected at all are the lowest priority.

Having a plan at the start of the day, is essential. But we all know there are going to be interruptions, distractions and things you need to take care of that you didn’t know existed at the start of the day, when you were putting a plan together. So… How do we deal with this?

Well… The secret is to learn the skill of prioritising on the hop! The key to this is building a list at the start of the day and prioritising it based on what I said earlier. Then when something new presents itself, ask this question, “what will happen if I don’t do this today?” And assess the circumstances. Then go to your list and look at the highest priority activity on your list that still hasn’t been done, and apply the same question. Assess which consequences between those two actions are the most dire if this action isn’t done. Then go for the one that has the most dire consequences if not done. This means you may stick with your list or, you may divert from your list and attend to this new activity.

By following the above process you can’t help but have done the most important things you could have that day, even though some of those things weren’t known to you at the start.

The key to success with this process is being okay with not getting to the end of your list. And the key to that, is changing your paradigms from “I need to get everything done” to “I need to get the most important things I can done in time I have”

Try it! I’d love some feedback from you after you’ve implemented this process. Come on in and join the conversation in our “Just For Builders” Facebook Group, Here’s the link


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