“I just never seem to get ahead!”Do you feel, or have you felt...

“I just never seem to get ahead!”

Do you feel, or have you felt like this before? Many builders do. We start off with great dreams and expectations, but all too soon the reality of managing money, people and paperwork often brings us crashing down back to reality.

I find many builders end up just  accepting the situation and start telling themselves “this is just how it is” there is both good and bad news. Let’s start with the bad news first. It takes an open mind, commitment and the ability to not just follow the crowd to turn the situation around. So what’s the good news? I hear you scream. If you’re willing to take on the challenge of the bad news, it’s all good news. You can have a building business with no money worries of stress, have a great team that want to help you build the business, and have systems and processes that free you from the paper warfare!

One important thing to consider is, if you’re struggling with the business side of things it’s not your fault. There is no education in the schooling system to help you build a successful business. There is education, but it’s the same tired old bullshit, created by academics who have never run a business in their life, that just doesn’t work. Having said your current situation isn’t your fault, after you read this article and you choose not to take any action, the results you get in the future are entirely your responsibility.

All of the problems that you face, and the parts of the business that you just can’t seem to get working effectively, all come from the same place, a fundamentally flawed business model. And what makes it worse, is most building businesses follow this flawed business model. This is a major part of the problem, because so many businesses follow the same business model, we are led to believe that the business model can’t be the problem because so many people use it. We are hoodwinked because we think so many people couldn’t possibly be wrong.

The reason I created the builders business blackbelt program, was to  create a “proof of concept”. By creating a small group of builders, that have the right mindset, that are open to doing things differently, and are willing to challenge the status quo, we have been able to create proof, but the lion’s share of problems experienced by builders in their business, can be overcome.

If this is making sense to you, and you’d like to understand what a business model looks like for a building business, that works, just jump in to a training session of created specifically for this purpose. To show you the simplicity of building business model that delivers all of the things you dreamed about, that you could have, by being your own boss.

Will building your business on this new business model be easy, answer, no! Whilst it is simple, because you’re swimming against the tide of popular opinion, it makes moving in this direction challenging.  Is this a quick fix? Absolutely not! Having said that, following a proven business model allows you to get some pretty exciting wins quite quickly. And this is proven every day in the builders business blackbelt group.

Come join me in  this simple training session, so you can see how this would work for you. I’ve added a link below that will take you straight to the registration page. I look forward to seeing you on the inside.



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