Why are you so busy?Over the last 25 years since starting to...

Why are you so busy?

Over the last 25 years since starting to both learn and teach time management and personal effectiveness, it seems that people in general (especially business owners) are getting busier

This seems very strange to me saying that there are more tools, systems and processes at everyone’s fingertips to improve focus and productivity.

My guess is it’s not the tools, it’s how you think about!

My suspicion is (and I base this on personal experience) the secret is to simplify. There has never been a time when it is simpler and cheaper to perform so many of the necessary tasks to run a business. Yet our to-do lists are swelling out of control.

I want to offer you to ideas that I believe will turn this around for you. The first… Is to stop thinking that you’re some kind of superhero and “should” be able to get everything done. All you need for proof that you do this is look at your current to-do list, break down how long each action will take to perform, add them up and you’ll find there probably isn’t that many hours in a day! So the lesson is to build a list every day that allows you to win! By setting yourself up with a list that’s impossible to finish every day, you’re using your to-do list is a baseball bat to smash yourself around the head with.

The second… Is to identify truly what the top three most important things to you are personally, and the top for things that are the most important for your building business.

Let’s just look at the top for things for your business first. Imagine I said to you there are only four actions you can take every day to run your business, what would you choose? Now, the key is to schedule those four activities into your daily action list, and let absolutely nothing get in the way of getting those actions done first. I guarantee you will notice a huge lift in your productivity, and reduction in stress

So, if you have the balls to do this, I’d love to hear about it. What worked, what didn’t and how did it make you feel.

If you got any questions or comments  Please reach out. I’d be honoured to celebrate your successes and help you with any challenges you may encounter.


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