No more pity parties!It never ceases to amaze me how many people...

No more pity parties!

It never ceases to amaze me how many people constantly complain about the economy, the market, increasing prices, unfair competition et cetera et cetera. But, never look at themselves in the mirror and ask is there anything I can do differently or better!

It may not be your fault. It may be it’s just the company you keep. Misery attracts misery.

The answer to this is simple! You must choose to hang with a better crowd. People who understand the challenges you face, but won’t let you off by allowing you to point the finger at everything and everybody else.

The people you hang around with mostly, can be a profound influence on how you think and what you believe. How you think and what you believe massively dictates your actions and decisions. Your actions and decisions massively dictate the results you get.

So… Does not stand to reason instead of trying to change your thinking, or change your actions, the simplest route to change for the better is, changing your peers!

Hang around with people who are doing what you want to do. Hang around with people who are getting the results you want to get. There is no point listening to the guy sitting next to you with the arse out of his pants, for solid financial advice. Or, the guy who’s been divorced seven times for relationship advice!

As Jim Rohn says… “There are some people you can hang around with for a minute, but not an hour, some for an hour but not a day, and some for a day but not a week!”

If you want a better building business, hang around with people who have a better building business! Continue to listen to the soothsayers of doom at your peril! Or come and join the gang in our free Facebook group, where our motto is “If we let you off, we’re letting you down!”

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Mick Hawes


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