“STOP TRYING TO TEACH THE PIGS TO SING”You may have heard this...


You may have heard this not so kind saying before. It’s and old saying that used to be used a lot in marketing circles. The full saying was… “Never attempt to teach a pig to sing! You’ll waste your time and annoys the pig”

This message is trying to help you understand that trying to promote your business or get the job by trying to help people avoid a problem they don’t think they have or don’t think it’s a big deal.

I used to make this mistake all the time. Trying to teach builders the way they think and run their business is totally the reason why it doesn’t turn out the way they want it to. They have cashflow issues, Staff issues, can’t get enough or the right type of projects they want, or they have too much work and can’t get through it. Perhaps they have high maintenance clients constantly demanding unreasonable things! Most builders have some if not all of the problems and they blame everyone and everything else for it!

So.. I might as well try to bump my arse on the moon as try to get a builder who blames everything except himself for his situation, to change how they think and how they run their business.

The messages we put out endeavour to have the “Right Type”of builder know we understand their problems, and therefore have them feel we can help them. Which of course we can, not much point in just us knowing.

If you get this, you need to start to really understand the problems and desires of you ideal client and begin to put this out as your message instead of how good and experienced you are because no one cares!

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