Builders are funny peopleAll builders know how important it is...

Builders are funny people

All builders know how important it is to have clear and concise plans. You already know what kinds of problems can occur when trying to build without a complete set of plans.

You also know how much time as a percentage of the overall project is put into planning and designing. So why is it that for the most part very few builders put time and effort into planning their business direction, the year, there quarter, month or day?

A simple daily planning process can increase your  effectiveness by 18 to 20%. Becoming 20% more effective in a 10 hour day, is two hours. Start to calculate that out over a month or a year. It’s significant!

So why do so many builders just get up, and get into it? Planning on the run and keeping everything in the head.

Okay, I get it you want to get stuff done. So in most people’s minds the best way to do that is head down bum up and go for It. The thing is it’s far from the best way to get things done.

He is a simple four step process that if you follow every day you can become 18 to 20% more effective.

Step one: write down your appointments, or time bound obligations for the day. Figure out how long they will take. And then figure out what is left time wise in your work day.

Step two: build a list of the most important things you want to accomplish today, but make sure the time required to accomplish the tasks on your list is no more than the time available after step one.

Step three: categorise everything on your list individually by asking this question “what will happen if I don’t do this today?” If the answer is the project that this task is connected to will not be able to be completed ever, give the task an  “a” category. If the answer is the project that this task is connected to will still be able to be completed but it’s gonna make it a lot harder if it’s not done today, then give this task an  “B” category.  

Step four: from all of the tasks that are your a categories number them in order of importance. Then do the same for the b’s.

Now get to work on your list and do your very best to action these tasks in order of priority, for example A1 first, then A2  etc.

Commit to do this for 1 to 2 minutes only at the start of every day, and I would love to hear of your progress.

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