Stop trying to obtain a “work/life” balance, you’re completely...

Stop trying to obtain a “work/life” balance, you’re completely wasting your time!

I want to share with you the reasons why it’s near on impossible to get the old-fashioned work life balance, and why you’re wasting your time trying. And… What you can do instead!

The main reason why it’s close to impossible to gain a work life balance in this day and age is, because the expectation of the marketplace has completely shifted. Since the advent of mobile phones, texting, email and of course social media, the marketplace now has no patience for slow replies to questions and calls. So, if you split your time into work time, and personal time, and refuse to reply to your prospects and customers in your personal time, you can seriously damage your reputation!

So what do you do? There are two things you can do to change your approach and eliminate stress and pressure that comes from trying to obtain a workalike balance. The first one is, to implement systems and procedures as well as look for options to outsource and automate much of the day to day that is now unnecessary for you or even your team to do personally. Much of this is communication with your prospects and customers.

The focus of the areas that you should be looking to outsource, automate, delegate or simply just stop doing, are the things that you really don’t enjoy or in other words the ugly parts of your business. By doing everything you can for yourself and your team members to make everything that you do in your business a lot more fun and enjoyable, it then doesn’t really matter if you’re doing them out of hours.

On the other side of the coin you need to learn to be okay with doing personal, family or social activities at those times you previously thought should be work time.

By doing this you can begin to simply enjoy anything you’re doing at any time. So you might be speaking to a customer or a prospect out of hours and that’s okay, as well as spending some family time in the middle of the day during the week and be okay with that as well.

“We’re not in Kansas anymore Toto” The landscape has changed, and we need to have a different approach to running our business, and to do that we need to obliterated the big line in between work time and personal time, and look at it ALL, as your life – time!

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