There are already so many things you know you should be doing to...

There are already so many things you know you should be doing to improve your building business, but you either “Don’t have time” (Official bullshit excuse) or you’ve tried it once (Perhaps twice) and figured it didn’t work. Just like anything, there’s a learning curve, and most people give up just prior to a breakthrough.

It’s like the old story of the “Rain-dance”. An elder from one tribe goes to visit another tribe that is known for their Rain-dance working 100% of the time. He studies the moves, the chants & the implements they use.

He takes his new found knowledge back to his tribe, teaches them the moves, the chants & gives them the implements needed. That dance, but no rain, they dance again and still no rain! “We must be doing something wrong. A message is sent via the bush telegraph the the elders of the legendary Rain-dance tribe to come over to tell us what we’re doing wrong.

The legendary Rain-dance elders arrive and observe. after much deliberation the legendary Rain-dance tribal elders deliver their recommendations. “We think we can see where you’re going wrong… We always keep dancing until it rain!”

If something is valuable to the growth and refinement of your building business you need to keep at it “Until it rains!”

Here’s a link to a short video I made on the topic (Hope you have a laugh at my expense!) -


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