Stop Making It Hard For Yourself!Yes, there’s plenty to get...

Stop Making It Hard For Yourself!

Yes, there’s plenty to get stressed about running a building business. I hear about it every day!

Here’s the thing…

Few problems, and very little stress isn’t self imposed!

That’s right… You’re doing it to yourself!

What do you mean? I hear you scream.

Let’s just take a brief look at a few things.

Let’s start with marketing. The lack of measurable procedures and systems and a very specific understanding of the ideal jobs and the characteristics of the perfect client for your business, makes it near impossible to consistently attract the best type of projects and the ideal customers to your business.

Now let’s look at the sales process. Most building businesses don’t even have one. And if they do have one it is a true sales pitch process. What’s needed, is a simple qualification process, where your prospects need to pass a few tests, to make sure you’re the right fit for each other, before you get started.

What about your build process? Very few building businesses have properly thought out and written procedures, with the team members have buy in and can see the benefits of following the current procedures, as well as the desire to contribute to the constant improvement of those procedures.

And lastly, the money. If you think the number of projects and the size of projects are critical to the financial success of your business, you’re barking up the wrong tree completely. You need to have a complete commitment to focus on net profit, and you should know your figures so well, you could tell me what they were currently, if I woke you up out of a deep sleep. (Yes that does sound a bit creepy me watching you sleep)

So here’s the bottom line. If you invest no effort and time in building these critical procedures and systems for each of these areas of your business, because you’re too busy doing the work, nothing will ever change. But please understand this, you have a complete control to choose to fix all of these issues in your business. And I’m here to help, if you need it.

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