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Episode 93 – Do You Actually Know What You’re Selling

Get Started Good morning folks out there. This is the "Builders Business Success Podcast." The "Builders Business Success Podcast" is the construction business podcast. And I'd like to be your construction business coach, or builder's coach, however you would like to put it.   If you've never seen this before, which I highly doubt, if you're in […]

EPISODE 92 – You Need To Join A Gang

Get Started Good day folks, and welcome to episode 92, we're in a different space. We used to be over there, now I'm here. And we're sort of... We've changed it a little bit for various reasons that we may explain down the track, but we're simplifying things. We're not having all of the three […]

EPISODE 91 – Why 90% Fail, And How To Turn It Around

Get Started Hey folks, welcome to episode 91, entitled why 90% fail and how to turn it around. This is the Builders Business Success Podcast, the construction business podcast. I'm Mich Hawes, your construction business coach or your builders coach, however you would like to say it.   And as I said, the topic of this conversation […]

EPISODE 90 – How To Guarantee Increased Profit

Get Started Hey folks, welcome to episode 90. 90 and another 10 before we get into triple figures, that'll be a bit exciting. There's a couple of exciting things that we're gonna be talking about today.   I'm just looking at the chat, which is why I hesitated, 'cause he's already on live. He's already put #live. […]

EPISODE 89 – Competing On Price Doesn’t Work For A Building Business

Get Started Welcome to another episode of the Builders Business Success Podcast. In this episode, which is episode 89, I should look at that before I start. The focus, the purpose of this episode is to unpack another of the fateful eight.   So a couple of weeks ago, we talked about the eight mistakes that we've […]

EPISODE 88 – Overheads Are A Financial Killer!

GET STARTED Hey there, welcome to another episode of the Builders Business Success Podcast. It is episode 88.   And in this episode, we're talking about number three of the list of fateful eight problems that builders run into. In fact, they create themselves in an attempt to create a solution, I know that sounds weird.   So we […]


Why You Need To Become A Specialist

      So who gets paid more, the GP or the specialist? Well the answer is simple, the specialist every time. So why do so many builders position themselves as generalists? Hey, I’m Mick Hawes from Builders Business Blackbelt. While speaking to one of our Blackbelt members just the other day about their journey […]