Break-Even Calculator

Break-Even Calculator

By mick | June 3, 2021

Break-Even Calculator |

Need to know if your builder business is profitable? Then you need to use our break-even calculator.

Your break-even point is when your total revenue equals the total costs or expenses your business incurs.

A simple formula to calculate break-even point = fixed costs ÷ gross profit margin

If you are breaking even then you are not losing money, but you are also not making a profit. You obviously want to be making a profit, preferably a tidy profit. Getting an idea of your break-even point is essential so you can set prices, budgets and wages.

Use our break-even calculator to work out your estimated:

  • Gross profit (revenue minus expenses)
  • Gross margin (profit divided by revenue)
  • Net profit ($ left after all cost of goods & fixed expenses and are paid)