Business & Hierarchy of Human Needs

Business & Hierarchy of Human Needs

By mick | April 26, 2020

*This video was extracted from a virtual intensive with our members*

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Human needs

If you’ve ever seen Maslow’s hierarchy of human needs before…

You know the physiological needs; food, water. Many people have sort of dropped down to that level. Those, you know, biological needs. Food water, toilet paper. All of that sort of stuff. It’s craziness but that’s where their mind is so we’ve gotta make sure that we understand where their mind is.


Stripping the Shelves

Once that’s taken care of, once they got enough toilet paper and food and stripped the shelves, their next priority is safety. But people actually aren’t even worried about safety, if their physiological needs aren’t met. That’s why there’s punch ups in the isles, you know, over groceries and toilet paper and all of that sort of stuff. 
Once that’s taken care of we then start to need to take care of our safety needs. We’re now then into belongingness and love needs. Like being connected to our friends and our groups and our relationships and all that sort of thing.

Up the Communication!

That’s what we were talking about before in relation to having a hell of a lot more conversations. 
A lot more regular conversations with your team, with your subbies, with your suppliers, with your prospects, with your clients. Really up the communication because that is going to be the level at which most people are gonna be at. 
Once we get into lock-down and they feel a little bit more safer and they’ve got all of their, you know, their um, supplies that they need. What’s being stripped away from us is that connection.
When we used to go and be with a whole heap of people each day. That’s being taken away from us. So use technology like we’re using here today. To up significantly the conversations you’re having with everybody that’s connected with your business.

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