Costly Mistake… Not Messaging Your Prospects to Match Current Times

Costly Mistake… Not Messaging Your Prospects to Match Current Times

By mick | April 24, 2020


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Messages to Your Prospects

I just want to go through a quick list of what not to do in this climate with the messaging. Number one and just jot these points down. Don’t be salesy. Like even if it just smacks of it just a little bit, don’t do it. I think all of your messaging needs to be very practical and certain but definitely not salesy right now.

Don’t be Overly Optimistic.

That’s like the motherhood statements. Again, be certain and give positive, doable steps, things that make sense in their current mindset but be certain.

And as I said, offer very specific steps and show how they can benefit either now or in the not too distant future by following certain steps. And learning from the current situation.

Day to Day Content

The other thing that we need to shift for the foreseeable future is, and you know, this is what Brian and I were doing. We would, on one day we would get all of our messaging together and shoot all of our videos, edit them and then we would schedule them. So they would go out up to two to three weeks after we’d created them. There was this constant messaging going out.

We’ve had to turn all of that off because we now need to go back to as close to a daily content creation as possible because again what is going on in the minds of the prospects or your ideal clients. And that is changing day by day.

Every time this announcement comes out, their mindset shifts. And so we need to have our messaging in lockstep with what they’re thinking. At least the headline / sub-headline needs to be talking about the changes that are happening right now. So it’s current and relevant everyday.

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