Difference Between Business Coach and Mentor



The Difference Between A Business Coach and A Mentor

Running a business is tough, and despite their experience and skill, many business owners can end up feeling stuck and as if the ongoing problems are unsolvable. 

At this point, it is important to keep the head clear and seek the right kind of help. It is great if you have supportive friends and family, but if you want real strategic help to get you back on track, you’ll need to talk to someone who has faced the same difficulties and managed to come out as a winner. 

Both business coaches and mentors are capable of providing professional advice that you’ll find useful, but there are some key differences that you must get familiar with in order to determine who will benefit you more. 

This is exactly why we are here today. We’ll provide a detailed insight into both the business coach and mentor’s responsibilities to help you recognise which one is the most suitable option for you. Without further ado, let’s get you back on your feet.

Business Coaching is Task-Oriented; Business Mentoring Offers Long-Term Strategies

This is the first and most important difference between these two options. If you are looking for short-term solutions that could help you overcome immediate obstacles, a business coach might be the right option for you.

On the other hand, a business mentor is someone you will develop a deep personal and professional relationship with. They will introduce you to effective and proven business methods that help you grow as a person, and teach you how to create that perfect balance between work and your personal life. 

Our Builders Business Blackbelt program and community offer that and much more. Our founder and your builder’s business mentor, Mick Hawes, is well-known in the builders’ business world for his integrity, honesty and direct approach. It’s no secret that we’ve helped countless builders regain their strength, confidence, and motivation, and the same can happen for you if you simply schedule a call with Mick. After all, you’ve got nothing to lose. 

Developing Certain Skills Vs. Adopting New Business Perspective

Coaching is usually a short-term process that helps you learn more about a particular skill that you wish to develop. Maybe you need to work on establishing better relations within the company, or you lack management and organisation skills and want to improve on these. 

The thing that distinguishes Business Mentors from coaches is their in-depth knowledge of every aspect of the business you are in and their willingness to share valuable advice on how to get past the stereotypes that hold you back. A good business mentor will provide just enough guidance to make you realise the problem yourself so that you’ll always have the ability to help yourself in the future.

When we speak about the builders’ business, we can’t overlook the fact that you must possess great expertise and skill, as well as an ability to communicate and collaborate well with various people. This comes naturally for some, but for many it can be a daunting task. This is where Mick, your builders’ business mentor, can help you. You’ll learn how to respect your time and effort, so that others are more inclined to do the same. 

Are you struggling with endless free quotes? We’ve been through that and have a truth to share – you don’t have to do another free quote ever again, and we are ready to tell you how to get there. All you need to do is schedule a free call with Mick today and apply for our amazing Builders Business Blackbelt program today.

Fast Performance Enhancement vs Long-Term Mindset Changes

With coaching, you’ll be able to improve performance through various seminars or workshops. You’ll learn more about your weak and strong points and come to an understanding of what aspects of your business require more focus. 

On the other hand, a business mentor follows both your career and personal development and is genuinely invested in your progress. This is a person who will support you when things are not running smoothly and improve your self-esteem to make things right. 

After all, in order to build a strong long-term bond with your mentor, you need to know that they are a person you can trust. If you are a builder who is looking for someone who matches this description, you are in the right place. 

Inside the Business Builders Blackbelt program, you’ll get the chance to meet like-minded people who have faced the same challenges as you, listen to other people’s experiences, and share your own without being judged. We’ll create a supportive and healthy environment where you can discover your real potential and get a chance to develop it in the right direction. 

On the other hand, don’t expect another motivational program with the ‘you can do it’ phrases – we are everything but that. If you are ready to change for the better and sky-rocket your business, we have some work to do. Schedule a call now and learn why so many builders have already participated in our Builders Business Blackbelt Program


Our mission is to disrupt ‘old school’ Building Industry thinking, eliminate the frustration and unnecessary pain experienced by builders and their clients, as well as elevating builders to true professional status.


Proven models with step-by-step processes combined with accountability measures and guidance, all the while sharing the experience and knowledge with others, is our formula to make it better today – not next year.


If you are genuinely serious about taking your business to a new level of profitability, enjoyment and time freedom, then we are genuinely serious about helping you. Apply to join our program and if you’re successful, you can experience every single part of this proven program. If it’s not for you (or you’re not for us) you’ll receive a full refund no questions asked.

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