Don’t Let These Uncertain times put you out of line!

Don’t Let These Uncertain times put you out of line!

By mick | April 24, 2020

*This video was extracted from a virtual intensive with our members*

Internal Certainty & Uncertainty

Look, the biggest thing right now, in these times, is the unknown, and the uncertainty.

There’s so much, just no one knows what’s gonna happen, and what the effects are gonna be. The emerging issues, let alone permanent change.

Except there’s gonna be less builders around, in 12 month’s time than there is now.



We can’t change what’s happening out there, but we absolutely can control, how we internalize it, how we interpret it, the decisions we make, and then the actions we take. If you keep thinking about that, keep talking about that, you will start to grow and grow and grow, in internal certainty.

And that’s whats so painful.



When I was listening to a guy from Queensland in our Free Group, yesterday and the day before, is, he’s just completely letting, the external circumstances, of his family situation, and what going on globally, dictate, how his future is going to be.



So, in his mind it’s fully out of his control, and it’s totally not. And I want you to remember that, because there is gonna be massive opportunity, at the other end of this war.

What you need to do, is keep communicating with each other, keep supporting each other, sharing this sort of ideas, helping each other if you sort of fall out of formation.



Get around that person that has fallen out of formation and help them back into the formation, that’s what good people do.

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