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The Builders’ ToolShed is the place to be for builders who want to create more money, time and meaning through their business.

Every successful building business needs a foundation of support, resources and up-to-date tools – and you’ll find it all in The Builders’ Toolshed. #1 Builders App

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Learn From Industry Experts

Real experience is about trial and error – but why make your own errors when you can learn from others’? Inside the app, you’ll have the opportunity to get help on the spot from Mick Hawes and a community of over X builders with the hard-earned knowledge and experience to help you avoid those same pitfalls

Load Up On Free Resources

There’s a lot to learn in this industry – which is why we provide access to a comprehensive resource library filled with tools, podcast episodes and articles on every topic you can think of. Inside, you’ll learn how to get more money and meaning out of your building business, and save yourself a great deal of time and stress in the process.

Leverage Our Ready-Made Network

The construction industry isn’t just about building structures – it’s also a great place to build a career, and that journey is easier with a strong support network. Inside The Builders’ Toolshed, you can chat with other members, ask questions, join our events and share your own experiences and insights.


The first week with Mick and Julie has been very eye opening and productive, knowledge is extensive easily accessible. Couldn't be happier with the Fit so far

Hugh Maastricht

Totally awesome place to get you and your business really cranking

Paul Purdon

Thank-you Mick & Julie for bringing this group together! The BEST place to chat and learn with like-minded people about all things business. So glad we met you 

Kim Edwards

Love the info, keep it coming please! Especially like how to calm down and keep cool amongst the work. For us things are running smoother and easier thank you

Simone Ramjet

Get a sneak peek inside the toolshed

How To Get “True” Wealth From Your Building Business

This short webinar will show you how to prepare to create a building business that generates more money, meaning and fulfilment, while saving you time and unnecessary stress.

The Builders Business Success Podcast

The Builders Business Success Podcast is your chance to ask your best building business questions and get answers during a LIVE broadcast, right here in the ToolShed every week!

Looking For More One-On-One Help?

One roadblock is all it takes to prevent your business from moving ahead, and you may not even know where it is yet! Forget falling back on the old trial and error approach – take the fast track to success and join us on a quick strategy call. We’ll help you figure out where you are now, where you want to be, and how to get there – fast.

The best time to start building a future filled with more money, time and freedom is right now.