How to Build Your Brand & Community NOW!

How to Build Your Brand & Community NOW!

By mick | April 22, 2020


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Building your brand or building a community

Basically, build your brand so when things do get through, you’ve got that following, as a result, you have more of a presence in the marketplace. Having the audience there, leveraging even other professions to educate on maybe what’s happening. Some ideas and solutions with in regards to that, but also just the building in general.

That is a really super good suggestion because the other thing you need to remember with what’s going on right now, there are plenty of experts out there who aren’t getting their, they’re not able to, to get on stage and speak to the audiences that they were.

Podcasts | LIVE & Recorded Interviews

There’s a lot of experts and public speakers and things like that that have nothing to do, like they’re being shut down, and so they’re more than happy to jump online and talk to your audiences and so forth so you can start to do Facebook live interviews or recorded interviews or podcasts. One of our members has started to do podcasts aswell.

That’s a tremendous opportunity to start to build your brand, and in this time, what we need to be putting out in front of people, so you build authority and a lot of certainty.

The things you need to talk about are things that we can do, right? Get right away from motherhood statements, you know? We’ve gotta lift ourselves up by our boot straps and the mindset stuff. Get really practical valuable stuff and just keep putting that out.

Attraction to Certainty

A great analogy was given to me the other day that, if there’s a bunch of people in the room and everyone’s really uncertain about what’s going on, everyone borrows certainty from the person who has the most.

However, the person who has the most certainty doesn’t necessarily have the best plan. They might be an absolute maniac that are gonna lead everybody over the cliff. But they’ve got certainty, and humans, if they are uncertain, they will be attracted to that person and borrow that person’s certainty. Using an Attract strategy is a great way to start!

Your Messaging

So understanding how that psychology works, the messaging you guys need to be doing from now on has to have a tremendous amount of certainty, because people are in very uncertain times right now.

If you are a voice of certainty and practicality and things that they can do right now to take their mind off things, to help them thrive in the future, not right now, survive now, thrive in the future, you’re going to be able to expand your communities, and increase your authority, so that’s a brilliant share.

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