How To Grow Your Tradies Business

How To Grow Your Tradies Business

By mick | October 5, 2022

How To Grow Your Tradies Business

We know what it feels like to start a business and work long hours without seeing the rewards. You put everything into it, but there seems to be little progress. You feel frustrated and unfulfilled.

Usually, the reasons for that are: a failure to set goals, a failure to develop skills in key areas of your company, a shortage of resources (such as people), or a shortage of funds.

If you want to grow your tradies business, here are some tips to help you achieve success.


Keep up with current trends

Keep up to date with news and developments in your specific trade. There are many ways to do this: read trade journals, watch online videos relevant to your business, look for the latest articles on industry websites and sign up to relevant newsletters.


Evaluate your current marketing strategy

How are you currently promoting your company and is it working? Stick to what’s proven successful and ditch what isn’t. Look into what your competition is doing and adjust your marketing strategy accordingly. Are you running an online store? If not, get one! Invest in SEO so that your site ranks higher in search engines. It’s essential to have a strong online presence and build trust among your audience. Get involved in forums and groups related to your niche. Social media is also a good place to promote yourself and your product.


Have systems in place

Document your workflow. A system will help ensure that your business is efficient, from the moment a new job comes in, to its completion.

Set up processes to automate tasks like invoicing, taxes and payroll. Use accounting software to keep everything updated and compliant.


Make the payment process simple and easy

Cash flow is the key to growth. By making it convenient for customers or clients to pay will ensure you have a regular stream of income for your day-to-day operations. Accepting online payments is essential. Some of the latest research indicates that around 30% of Australians make use of their smartphone to pay for goods and services.


Referrals and repeat business are the key

The secret to becoming a successful tradie is rather straightforward – make sure you’re providing great customer service! This includes everything from delivering quality products and services to excellent customer support and follow-ups. If you provide a good customer experience, word of mouth will quickly translate into referrals.


Don’t bite off more than you can chew

Starting a new business is exciting, but it can also be overwhelming. Of course, you want your business to thrive, but be careful not to overcommit yourself. This is especially true if you’ve never run a business before. If you don’t have the appropriate human resources and systems in place, taking on too many clients or work could result in poor customer service (which will only hurt your business) or burnout. Loading your plate too full won’t allow you to give each project your utmost attention.


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