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17 Oct, 2017

One of Builders Business Blackbelt Members (Sam Vivers) has been...

One of Builders Business Blackbelt Members (Sam Vivers) has been ranting about this book for a few months now. He spoke to me about it a couple of week ago on our weekly Podcast “Builders Problems ...

25 Sep, 2017

Good Help Isn’t Hard To Find

You hear it all the time “It’s really hard to get good people” in our experience more often then not, you already have “Diamonds in the rough” in your business. It’s how they’re manage ...

25 Sep, 2017

Clients Prefer To Pay For A Quote

It’s so interesting seeing the transformation when our members go from the mindset of believing no one will pay for a quote, to seeing the amazing difference when you help your prospect see the big ...

25 Sep, 2017

Weekly Show To Help Builders

For the past few weeks we’ve done a show called “Builders Problems Solved” live on Facebook 8pm Tuesday nights. It’s getting great support & delivers practical solutions to many of the cos ...

24 Sep, 2017

Scrum boards are a great tool to get stuff done. Make one...

Scrum boards are a great tool to get stuff done. Make one straight away. The visual impact of the done column filling up creates a real sense of progress. Everyone needs to feel like they’re making ...

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