Up Communication with Your Business!

Up Communication with Your Business!

By mick | April 27, 2020

*This video was extracted from a virtual intensive with our members*

Now Is The Best Time to up Communication!

Now’s a great time to refine your niche.
A great opportunity to build better relationships with team, with clients.


When we come out the other side, if you just brushed the clients trying to survive, we come out the side and say we still here, it’s not gonna be the same as if you had maintained relationships with them, look after your team, those sorts of things.


So, some really good opportunities there for a personal side or naturally human side, rather than just a physical side of trying to discover what the market’s gonna do.


Doing Extra Meetings Daily


Upping the communication with your team, you know. Not just doing the daily direction meeting like, ‘let’s go.’ Do some extra meetings and some extra conversations daily to hear their concerns and their frustrations and their fears. And again, don’t tell them everything is gonna be all right with your motherhood statements and things like that.


Give them practical things that they can do and get them involved in the conversation. I know one of our members had a great post the other day where his guys were saying we could do this, we could do that.


And if you’re really upfront and honest with them and sharing your desire to help them, and opening the conversation with them, they’re not stupid, they’ll start to go, ‘we need to contribute to this because, if we don’t contribute to the survival of this business with their ideas and our sacrifices, none of us are gonna have a job to come back to.’ they could be thinking of that.


The Six Human Needs

(Certainty, Uncertainty, Significance, Love & Connection, Growth, Contribution)


They’re gonna get a lot of ticks in the six human needs by being able to contribute, being part of a team. There is a massive amount of uncertainty right now and when people have uncertainty with six human needs, the need for certainty goes up so they’re looking for certainty.
And you don’t want them to attach themselves to some person who’s certain about how shit this is gonna be. Because they will.


You just need to be far more certain about how we can come together, communicate, come up with great ideas to be better in the future and let’s really hunker down right now and protecting ourselves. What can we do now, but also how can we position ourselves in the future and do it with a massive amount of certainty.


When they go out, chatting with their mates, hopefully on Skype and not right next to them, they could potentially be that guy who keep bringing up that was in Facebook group that is just a total doom and gloom and if they hang around with people that are total doom and gloom and they’re certain about it, they gonna attach themselves to that certainty. It’s not the message, it’s the certainty that they attach themselves to.

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