Use This Time to Refine Your Business!

Use This Time to Refine Your Business!

By mick | April 28, 2020

*This video was extracted from a virtual intensive with our members*

Now is the best time to do the things you have put off!

Use the data to refine the prices and establish the relationships that, will get us through probably stronger in the return of this .


And it just comes back to how you’re looking at it, do you sit there and go, “we’re doomed, it’ll never work. ” Or do you use it as, “Okay, I’ve now got an opportunity forced upon me “where I can do the things I knew I should have been doing “before but I never got around to, “because I kept getting sucked into the day to day stuff.”
Much of that day to day stuff is being taken away from us.


So it is a great opportunity.


It’s a journey, We do lose everything that we have, there’s a journey in gaining it all anyway, again, and it’s a pretty humbling thing.


And if you’re on the call with Terry the other day, losing everything that we have, I don’t think is gonna remotely happen, because of the way that all of the government have reacted just of recent times, the banks are reacting, things are changing where people, can’t get chucked out of their rental property through non payment.
They’re going to put freezes on mortgages like mortgage payments and so forth.
That’s going to take the strain off you.


Payments for business loans, grants from anywhere from 20 grand to 100 grand to be able to continue to pay your employees to help out with doing that sort of stuff.

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