Why You Need To Become A Specialist

Why You Need To Become A Specialist

By mick | April 21, 2020





So who gets paid more, the GP or the specialist?
Well the answer is simple, the specialist every time.
So why do so many builders position themselves as generalists?

Hey, I’m Mick Hawes from Builders Business Blackbelt. Your builders business coach!

While speaking to one of our Blackbelt members just the other day about their journey with this and the struggles that they had, moving from the mindset of thinking that if I position myself so I can do all of these things, all of these different things, perhaps even from domestic to commercial and everything in between, I will get more work.

What they realised by narrowing their positioning statement so they positioned themselves out in the marketplace as a specialist in a specific area, they found that they got a whole lot more work.

If you’re just asking somebody to do a run of the mill job, I guess you can get anyone to do it. But if you’ve got a serious illness, for instance, you don’t go to the GP, you want a specialist’s opinion because it’s so important to you.

The same thing happens when somebody wants to have their dream home built. They don’t want Billy Bumcrack to come along who’s really ‘okay’ at a whole lot of things, they want to know that you’re a specialist, and you’ve done this type of thing before, and you can hold their hand and guide them through the process with a lot of confidence and competence.

It’s a bit of a mindset minefield, but it is something that we talk about quite a bit in our free Facebook group just for builders. It’s called Builders Business Success Forum. And all you need to do to join is just hit the join button on this page.

That will take you to the group, hit the Join button, just got to answer a couple of questions and you’re on the inside. You can start asking your questions, you can listen to the podcast. It’s a really fun place. It’s a really sharing and supportive place, and I’d love you to come in and join the conversation.

See you on the inside, I’m Mick Hawes from Builders Business Blackbelt.

That’s it, bye for now.

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