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Written, March 10th.

Dear Building Business Owner,

At any stage do you get frustrated, perhaps even stressed in relation to cash flow, not enough work, too much work, not enough time or not enough profit?

If you suffer from one or most likely a few of these problems, the next step forward is to join me in “The Builders ToolShed”

It’s a platform designed just for builders, and it’s free to join.

I’ve been involved with better performance and small business for over 30 years and focused exclusively on builders for almost 8 years.

What this means for you is everything we do is focused on improving the performance of a business just like yours. So you don’t have to modify, tailor or figure out how to make things work for you, they already do!

Everything in The Builders ToolShed is tried and tested as well as being constantly improved by our group of Builders Business Blackbelt members, who are all over the counties, in big cities and country towns, so we know what works, where!

If this is you, the next step is simple…

Hit the button below and join me in the ToolShed, but before you do, make sure you’re coming to play, to get involved and be actively engaged! If you’re more the guy who sits in the back of the room and doesn’t ask questions, don’t bother with the toolShed

I look forward to chatting with you sometime!

Mick Hawes

Fill Your Building Business with A Class People

The 3 Critical Areas to Master in order to Fill Your Building Business with A-Class People, Projects and Profits, to also Stop Doing Crazy Hours and Start Really Enjoying Your Business and Your Personal Life are…


Your time is precious and it’s totally “Not Cool” for people to steal it from you by tyre kicking, price shopping or worse, expecting you to “Donate” your time, experience and knowledge for FREE, to put together a quote. Builders coach teaches you how to eliminate this from your business can save you hundreds of hours a year!


Just like your time, money is super important to the success of your business! Poor quality clients will cost you a lot of YOUR money. The cost of putting together just ONE simple quote can be $2k - $5k! Multiply that by how many you do in one year! But it doesn’t have to be that way. Builders coach shows building businesses every day how to get better quality clients and get paid for every quote!


It’s one thing to get paid for your efforts, it’s another to have constant frustration and stress dealing with high maintenance, “penny pinching” clients, who want everything done yesterday! Ensuring you fill your building business with high quality, who’ll work with you as a team and appreciate what you do and how you do it, is an absolute game changer!

Drive More Profit, Stop Clocking up Those Crazy Hours and Enjoy Your Business and Life

The 3 Critical Areas to Master in order to Fill Your Building Business with A-Class People, Projects and Profits, to also Stop Doing Crazy Hours and Start Really Enjoying Your Business and Your Personal Life are…

No More Tyrekickers, Time Wasters Or Price Shoppers Plus…
Get Paid For Every Quote You Do!

Imagine your building business without the time wasters, price shoppers & Tyrekickers! How
would you days be different? And… Have you ever thought how much extra cash you’d have if you
 got paid for every hour you put into quoting?

Get Paid For EVERY Quote

If you put your pencil to it, you’d be having dozens of hours a month stolen from you by price checkers (Who had no intention of awarding you the work) Tyrekickers and people who just aren’t ready to be speaking to a builder yet. Imagine if all of those hours were turned into chargeable hours! Not to mention getting rid of the constant frustration and stress these people create.

You might think you’d never get a job again if you charged for quotes. Nothing could be further from the truth. Once you know how to present this idea effectively to your prospects you’ll find not only will they pay for your efforts putting a proposal together, they love it and prefer it! Plus… you’ll get more work than normal and add cash to your account with no extra work because you’re now being paid for what you used to do for free!

Reclaim Your Day By Eliminating Time Wasters

Enjoy Working With Value Focused Clients Instead of Price Focused Penny Pinchers!

If this sounds like something you’d like in your business, click the button below and join us in the Builders' ToolShed.

It's the place to be for builders who want to create more money, time and meaning through their business.

Mick Hawes Your Builders Business Coach

Builders coach Mick Hawes has been in and around the building industry most of his life. And been a performance coach in both business and elite sports for over 35 years. With Builders Business Blackbelt all of those years of knowledge and experience have been laser focused on the Custom Home Building business. The massive benefit of having a business coach that only works with your exact type of business is, the solutions, systems and tools are tailored to the specific challenges you have. You don’t have to waste time figuring out how “Generic” small business solutions will work for you. So you can expect to make significantly faster progress!

Three Simple Steps To Get You Moving Towards Business Success

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Still Not Convinced!

That’s totally cool. You probably don’t know us from a bar of soap. Just scroll down and watch the video below. This might be just the ticket you need to decide to take some action to change your business forever. I know you’ll be very glad you did.

Attracting Quality Clients that are Happy to Pay Premium Prices

Builders coach showing building businesses how to attract quality clients that aren't price focused, get paid for quotes and build a better business that gives the owner more money & time freedom as well as more meaning!

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