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Real experience is about trial and error – but why make your own errors when you can learn from others’? Inside the app, you’ll have the opportunity to get help on the spot from Mick Hawes and a community of over X builders with the hard-earned knowledge and experience to help you avoid those same pitfalls

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There’s a lot to learn in this industry – which is why we provide access to a comprehensive resource library filled with tools, podcast episodes and articles on every topic you can think of. Inside, you’ll learn how to get more money and meaning out of your building business, and save yourself a great deal of time and stress in the process.

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The construction industry isn’t just about building structures – it’s also a great place to build a career, and that journey is easier with a strong support network. Inside The Builders’ Toolshed, you can chat with other members, ask questions, join our events and share your own experiences and insights.

EVVE GROUP Success Story 

"12 months ago we found ourselves in a position with our business needing some overall general guidance, we managed to find Builders Business Blackbelt and it's been the best decision that we've made so far within our business."

Building A Successful Construction Business

Building a successful construction business in Australia is by no means an easy venture and comes with various challenges and risks. There are complicated processes to consider that involve substantial capital investment. Without proper planning and management, a construction company can quickly fail.

As a builder, you have the technical skills and are familiar with a life of tools, but getting a handle on the complexities of building a solid business can be a little daunting.
Builders Business Blackbelt has helped hundreds of businesses build a substantial construction business. Our expert team will empower you to excel as a business owner with the proper guidance and decisive intervention. Construction business coaching can take your construction business to the next level.

Signs That You Need A Construction Business Coach

  • Are you drowning in paperwork?
  • Do you spend many hours working on quotes that don't convert into jobs?
  • Are your bills outweighing your income?
  • The financial management of your business is a mess and causes you daily stress and worry.
  • You are working too many hours for little reward.
  • You are worried about your quoting practices as well as your profit margins.
  • You try to do too much alone since you don't feel delegating will meet your quality standards.
  • You have very little time to spend with your family or loved ones.

If you can relate to the above, it could be time to think about working with an experienced construction business coach, someone who understands the industry and will help you become the best business leader you can be. The experts at Builders Business Blackbelt are here to help you grow a construction business that you are proud of.

The Benefits of Hiring a Construction Business Coach

  • Reclaim your work day by identifying and eliminating time-wasting practices.
  • Offer proven methods with step-by-step processes combined with accountability measures and proper guidance.
  • Build a responsive leadership team to oversee some of your responsibilities and alleviate pressure.
  • Access to resources and tools to guide you with your unique challenges.
    Access to a network of experts and entrepreneurs in your specific industry that can offer guidance and support.

We have over 35 years of experience in performance coaching and can help you take your construction business to the next level. Apply to join our program, and start your journey to success.


The first week with Mick and Julie has been very eye opening and productive, knowledge is extensive easily accessible. Couldn't be happier with the Fit so far

Hugh Maastricht

Totally awesome place to get you and your business really cranking

Paul Purdon

Thank-you Mick & Julie for bringing this group together! The BEST place to chat and learn with like-minded people about all things business. So glad we met you 

Kim Edwards

Love the info, keep it coming please! Especially like how to calm down and keep cool amongst the work. For us things are running smoother and easier thank you

Simone Ramjet

Get a sneak peek inside the toolshed

Get “True” Wealth From Your Building Business

This short webinar will show you how to prepare to create a building business that generates more money, meaning and fulfilment, while saving you time and unnecessary stress.

The Builders Business Success Podcast

The Builders Business Success Podcast is your chance to ask your best building business questions and get answers during a LIVE broadcast, right here in the ToolShed every week!

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One roadblock is all it takes to prevent your business from moving ahead, and you may not even know where it is yet! Forget falling back on the old trial and error approach – take the fast track to success and join us on a quick strategy call. We’ll help you figure out where you are now, where you want to be, and how to get there – fast.

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