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Tradies Business Coach

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Key Strategies for Tradies Business Success

Walt Disney said, “Look around and see what the world is doing and don’t do it” Just because most Tradies do things a certain way doesn’t mean it’s right or the best way. So let’s look at some key strategies for Tradies Business Success.

  • Don’t fall for the trap of thinking all people are priced focused. The fact is the vast majority want value over price. But if you don’t do well at being able to display and communicate value, your prospect will default to price.
  • You MUST charge for your quotes or proposals. Doing this for free sets up an improper relationship dynamic from the start, and you’ll be expected to do many more things for free throughout the project that will eat up all of your profit and maybe even cost you.
  • You must learn to plan and prioritise to have more time freedom. Most Tradies know how to prioritise and put things in the right order when building a house, but fall down putting time and effort into the most important things concerning building their business. You already have the skill. You need to use them to build your business!
  • Get clear on what your real purpose is! What do you want this business to do for you? Without clarity on this question, most Tradies have built themselves a job. Your business is an incredible platform that can deliver tremendous financial and time freedom to its owner. You need to know what that looks like. Then you’ll see the path to get there. This reminds me of a beautiful old saying from Alice In Wonderland: "If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there”.

Why Finding the Right Tradies Business Coach is Crucial

If you’ve kept track of the news over the past couple of years, you would know that many Tradies have gone under. In the 12 months from April 2022 to April 2023, almost 450 Tradies went under in Victoria alone. This is why hiring the right Tradies Business Coach is Crucial.

Just because a business is big doesn’t protect it from collapse. A large number of volume Tradies around the country have also gone bankrupt.

This is an excellent example of why you need to get the fundamentals of the business side of a building business right. The fatal assumption that nearly all Tradies make is because I’m good at building, I’ll be able to run a successful building business. Micheal Gerber, the author of The E-Myth, is famous for saying this is the #1 cause of small business failure.

The mistake Tradies make is assuming that the quality of the build is the thing that will propel their business to success, and it’s just not true. One major shift that will contribute to success is understanding your product is the quality of your client's experience, not the quality of the build. That’s an expectation of the client, not a benefit!

The Benefits of Hiring a Tradies Business Coach

When it comes to running and building a business, it’s often a case of the owner being so involved they often “Can’t see the wood for the trees!” One of the benefits of hiring a Tradies Business Coach is getting a third party perspective. A Tradies business Coach isn’t affected by the emotional challenges that come with managing you own money, team and clients, which can affect decision making. Having an opinion based on what’s the right thing to do instead of decisions caused by emotional distress and pressure is invaluble.

The Builder is often chasing what we call the “Apparent” problem. For instance the Builder isn’t making enough money, so their mind goes to “We need more work”. Unfortunately adding more work to an already broken system only leads to more stress, less time and less profit.

Having the benefit of experience that a Tradies Business Coach brings having worked with other similar businesses, will save the builder a heap of wasted Money, Wasted time trying to learn by trial and error and a ton of unnecessary stress.


The first week with Mick and Julie has been very eye opening and productive, knowledge is extensive easily accessible. Couldn't be happier with the Fit so far

Hugh Maastricht

Totally awesome place to get you and your business really cranking

Paul Purdon

Thank-you Mick & Julie for bringing this group together! The BEST place to chat and learn with like-minded people about all things business. So glad we met you 

Kim Edwards

Love the info, keep it coming please! Especially like how to calm down and keep cool amongst the work. For us things are running smoother and easier thank you

Simone Ramjet

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