By mick | August 12, 2020

Hi, welcome to another episode of BUILDERS BUSINESS SUCCESS PODCAST!


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The Agenda

  • Super pumped for this week show got a really top guy that I’m talking to. He’s a great friend of mine. His name’s Dan Bolton. If you’ve seen the Builders Business Blackbelt Ads, anywhere on Facebook or Instagram, that is his fault. So we’re gonna get him on and you’ll be able to blame him for the plethora of me turning up everywhere on your Facebook feed and so forth.
  • I’ve also got a great book review, something that I think will make a profound difference to you. This book couldn’t have come out soon enough, particularly if you’re interested in marketing for your building business.
  • Of course, we’re gonna have the good old, what do I say? And I did say something worthwhile in one of our conversations as I I’ll be sharing that with you.
  • We’re introducing a new segment. It’s a simple Q & A because we’re getting plenty of questions coming through and I’d like to answer some of them. The cool thing about you asking questions is everybody gets to hear the answer. Everyone learns faster, makes faster progress. So if you’ve got questions, make sure you send them in. I’ll tell you where to send them later on in the show.


*Transcription of the show*

Hear my conversation with Dan Bolton!

Okay. It’s time to talk to my buddy, Dan Bolton. Now Dan Bolton is over in New Zealand. I first met him in a coaching group.


So I’m part of a coaching group. My coach is a business coach who coaches business coaches and Dan was in that group.


We got to know each other in that group. And now he helps us to build his business black belt with our marketing here.


He’s a super intelligent guy who really, really knows his stuff. And he’s gonna share a whole bunch of really cool things about the common mistakes that builders make with their marketing.


He’s gonna talk about how important it is to have a niche, a whole bunch of other things. So let’s listen in on our conversation with Mr. Dan Bolton.


So folks, I want to introduce you to an amazing chap and his name’s Dan.


The reason that I wanted to introduce you to him, if in any way, shape or form, you have found Builders Business Blackbelt, and you find the Ads annoying and repetitive, and they just seem to be everywhere. That’s not my fault, that’s his fault. So I just wanted to put a name, a face to the name.


So Dan and his amazing crew Thomas and Logan, and a few others, we’ve been working with them for a little while, and they’ve really made a massive difference to our marketing, our positioning, our messaging. We’re helping a lot more builders now. And that’s really the reason that I wanted to talk to Dan.


– One of the things that I just want you to real quickly address is the messaging and positioning. And perhaps it might even be the mindset for builders in relation to what they put out for the people to consume that when they’re trying to attract a new customer, because one of the things that I’ve found, you go to a hundred websites for builders and the word we, our and us dominates the website.


All they do is talk about themselves and they never really answer or address a question that one of their prospects might be thinking about or staying up late, worrying about, which gets them to go, ah, these people understand me. Tell me how important that is in relation to starting to attract the right people to your business, instead of talking about yourself and how good you are and all that


– Established in 1983, my father’s side of the business. I totally get it. Well look if someone’s listening and they have struggled, are struggling with marketing. Like they definitely not alone, right?


It’s like most businesses get to a point and building industry is no different. We hit a ceiling where you’ve been growing through word of mouth referral, and basically your marketing, if it’s up until now, it’s just being hope marketing. I do this and I hope it’s gonna work. I do the brochure. I did the website.


I don’t know if it has any impact whatsoever, but you know, the person charging me $5,000 told me that it’s going to be awesome. Maybe once upon a time, it was the yellow pages. And that’s totally typical.


The challenge though, is that breaking through that kind of ceiling that a lot of industries have, a lot of businesses have, building is no different, requires you to be really clear.


Like if you think of the difference train like that line `and getting past that line in your business, and actually having marketing that attracts the ideal clients, it’s really around clarity.


And one of the biggest things is clarity around how you are different and why someone should work with you over Joe blogs, down the street, building and co whatever it might be.


Who might even happen to be cheaper or have a bigger team or have been around longer. And if we’re playing the game of while we’re, just as like the same as everyone else, but our website is fancier.


We’re going to lose that one. And so eventually we are just going to attract the friend of a friend, but if we want to a break through, we really need to get clear on like, what is it that we specialize in, or who do we help and why, or what is it that makes us different or better than our competitors.


So when you can clarify that and make it really raised a shop so that when someone hears about your building business, they know exactly what that represents.


You get into a really, really powerful place where you can start to attract the right customers consistently and predictably.


And this is not just true for businesses, I’m reading your shirt, the Builders Business Blackbelt builders, but this is like real estate agents, dentists, chiropractors, it’s every industry, but especially in the building industry, it’s really figuring out like, what is it that makes you different?


And then how can you simplify that and clarify that. So that, that becomes your marketing message and your point of difference.


– Can you speak to niching? And I know when I talk about niching or when I have conversations about niching, people sometimes confuse that to you’ve got to decide this is the only sort of work that I would do.


– We only build houses with screwdrivers?


– Yes, no, but to me, it’s not about choosing, okay, I’m only going to build on sloping blocks, or I’m only going to build two story whatevers. It’s not about what I’m going to do. In my world, it’s about if I narrow my message.


So I’m really only talking to a particular type of person. What seems to have happened for me by doing that is I get inquiry from the left of that and the right of that. But if I tried to put a message here that attracted from the left to the right, that gap, there it’s crickets. I get nothing. What’s that all about?


– I think one of the most important things to kind of figure out is like, am I gonna be a generalist or a specialist? And again, this is one of those universal truths that it’s like an in the field of medicine, you’ve got generalists. Like a general physician. And so you might go to them for the rash on your knee, or you’ve cut your arm


– Glad you said knee


– Or you’ve gone for a checkup. When you’ve got a disease, serious disease, you’re not gonna go to a generalist. You’re gonna seek out a specialist and you’re gonna try and find someone who’s the best in their field at what they do.


So you can get the expert help. And that’s really what it comes to like building businesses it’s just like, do you want to be the generalist or the specialist?


Now, the mistake that people make is they think that the specialist is foolishly turning away all this work. ‘Cause if you’re a generalist, you can do anything. Which means that like, you’ve got way more opportunity.


The specialist is like over here, but actually what happens is it’s the difference between, in marketing what we call blue oceans and red oceans. And so when a red ocean, it’s a blood bath.


Everyone’s competing, it’s dog eat dog, or shark eat shark, it’s saturated.


There’s so much competition because everyone is trying to be there.


The blue ocean is the space. It’s where no one may be, has been before or where it’s much less crowded.


And someone in the building industry, it’s when you start to go, like we only build million dollar homes plus on the beach or whatever it might be.


And all of a sudden what happens is that even though you’re turning down houses under a million that aren’t on the beach.


All of a sudden you become the company that’s sought after for people who are wanting to build a million dollar plus home on the beach. And this is what happened even within our business is that once upon a time we launched the agency, we did everything for everybody.


And I mean that we were building websites. I was managing social media for a local supermarket. I was running Facebook Ads for lack of vehicle financing place. And it was hard attracting clients was really challenging because when you help everyone, you attract a lot of people that aren’t really ideal clients.


And I know you talk about this a lot. Is this a big difference between someone who is wanting you to work for them and someone you want to work with?


There’s a big difference between that. And so we transitioned from there to really just focusing in on helping a specific type of coaching, consultant solving very specific problem.


Since then, our agency has grown substantially, but our life and our business has got a lot simpler because now we just build the business around solving ideal clients.


That’s what I think a lot of building businesses can have. Instead, it doesn’t just clarify their marketing. The whole business can actually get much better when you go, we’re not doing this, we’re not doing this. We’re just doing this.


– And the results for the customer. I think they’re significantly better. I mean, our experiences having been generalist, small business coaches, and I must put my hand up and confess that I thought small business was a niche.


– Yeah, which I think is like under a hundred employees. I think that’s too technical.


– Anyway, we might’ve had a, at one stage, we had a bank and a TV station, a radio station and a hairdresser and amount of mechanic and a transport company or whatever. And here’s the thing, though.


All of their problems were the same, they were all the same. But because they’re all in different niches or different industries, they didn’t believe it. They didn’t believe, the radio station would say, but we’re different because we’ve got deadlines. And it’s like, Oh, Oh yeah, of course, I didn’t think about that.


You’re the only business around that has deadlines, of course, stupid way. But my point is that we were doing a great job as small business coaches for our members.


But since we created Builders Business Blackbelt, and our cross hairs are generally on a husband and wife run custom home building business they fill up the majority of our seats in our membership, the speed at which we’re able to help businesses grow is between four and 500% faster.


I can guarantee that I’m not four or 500% better. I’m just not, it’s because people see that this is the solution that’s been specifically built for them, and they’ll tend to implement it rather than going, how do I figure out how to make this work for me, but the question, and I think this is super important. In your mind, what’s the difference between marketing and advertising?


– That’s a good question. I think the way that I see marketing, and this is one of those things that are depending on what kind of marketer you talk to, it could mean 101 different things.


Like, I talked to someone who ran Ads for Apple, the way they ran Ads leading up to the launch of an iPhone was the only KPI they were shooting for we spend a hundred thousand dollars a day, because they knew that that turned into X amount of eyeballs.


They thought if we have X amount of eyeballs, basically that’s going to turn into sales. I don’t do that type of marketing.


So really the biggest thing is you’ve got brand awareness and you’ve got direct response. And so brand awareness is a marketing that you really can’t track. It’s the billboard, it’s the sign on the back of the bus. It’s stuff that you hope, back to that hope marketing, that you hope is going to move the needle, but actually a gun to your head.


Did it make a difference to the grow your business.


Chances are, you have got no way of tracking it. You just assume that if your name is out there, it’s going to be good news. And what we really focus on is direct response, trackable, accurate, accountable advertising that you can say, I put a dollar into the machine of Facebook or Instagram or whatever.


It might be on Google. And I got five, 10, $15 out. And so those would be the two things that I think are really different in my mind.


A lot of local businesses tend to focus more on the brand aspect. And I think that’d be much better off figuring out ways to do direct response. It’s advertising or it’s marketing funnels that you send people to.


And you want them to take action to call you to apply for a info pack or whatever it might be as opposed to is the in my truck. And I’m from, you know, it’s like, so those would be the biggest differences for me.

What’d I Say?

– [Narrator] We’ve had the cameras rolling just in case. It makes sense, something worthwhile and great news. It happened this week. So let’s check out this week’s what they say.


– I suggest this to anybody. If you’re stuck, if you’re confused, if it just seemed to be going through the motions on a daily basis, and there are things that are in front of you now that were in front of you before, and you don’t seem to be getting them done, go right back to basics, right back to basics.


What are you putting in your brain on a regular basis, what videos you’re watching, what books are you reading, all of that sort of stuff. And then are you still challenging yourself with the dream catcher out? Or are you painting by numbers with the dream catcher? It’s got a purpose.


The purpose of the dream catcher is to eliminate self-imposed limitations in your thinking. And when you do that, when you start to get rid of some of those self imposed limitations, you start to see stuff.


Like there’s a part of the brain called the reticular activating system, how it works and how people experience it quite often as if you let’s say you buy a car, all of a sudden you see a whole lot more of those cars on the road, but all it’s happening is that the reticular activating system, it’s almost like a protection mechanism. If we had to notice everything that’s going on around us all day, every day, our heads would explode.


We’re talking about this now, but there’s something going on right now for those who are sitting on their ass right now on a chair, you didn’t notice the weight of your body pressing down on your ass cheeks. But as soon as I said it, you notice it.


That’s got really nothing to do with it other than there’s that much going on, everything that we see, hear, taste, feel, smell. There’s just so much going on.


So the reticular activating system’s purpose is to allow you to be aware of what is important to you.


And so by getting into the dream catcher and really going to town with, with big goals, that input into your brain is preparing your reticular activating system to look for opportunities to achieve whatever those objectives are.


Like opportunity is just everywhere.


Particularly now with the whole Corona thing everybody’s thinking has changed. Everybody’s preferences has changed. Everyone’s priorities has changed. There’s just a massive amount of opportunity. Most people can’t see the opportunity.


The majority people can’t see the opportunity because what are they putting into their brain? They’re putting in doom and gloom and lack and scarcity and fear and loss and all of that.


That’s what they’re putting in there. And so there are reticular activating system makes them aware of everything that’s going on around them. That is evidence to support what they’re thinking and feeling.


Whereas if you are using the dream catcher, and remember the dream catchers is all about putting stuff in the subconscious mind and the subconscious mind does not know the difference between reality and imagination.


So if you go absolutely crazy regularly with your imagination on amazing stuff, your subconscious starts to become quite comfortable with that as if you’ve done it a lot, as if you’ve been there and done that many, many times.


You start to become comfortable with it, which gives you confidence. But it also prepares the reticular activating system to see the opportunity to do what it is that you want to do. And if you’re stuck, if you’re not moving as fast or in the direction that you want to, it comes back to basics.


What are you putting in your brain and to what level and what is the energy you’re using to put this stuff in your brain?


Like if it’s a massive amount of energy and you’re super enthusiastic about it, and you’re doing it a lot, what’s gonna happen with your reticular activating system? You’re just going to be able to see opportunity after opportunity after opportunity.


The Review

– [Narrator] Reading good books lately. Well, here’s one you should check out.


– Okay in this week’s book review, I wanna talk to you about the second book that I’ve listened to. I know it sounds a bit crazy to listen to books, but I prefer to consume them while I’m doing other things. And I’ve listened to this one multiple times, and it’s called “Marketing Made Simple”.


It’s a collaboration between Donald Miller, and Dr. J J Peterson. And the reason I like to listen is there’s an extra bit at the end of the audio book with a conversation between Donald Miller and Dr. J, and it’s quite funny, but very, very insightful.


I’d really encourage you to get the audible version and consume it that way.


But why I really like it was, I listened to Donald Miller’s original book and it’s called “StoryBrand” and it’s a great book. It really helps you to understand the power of putting the same formula that they use in Hollywood movies.


So blockbuster movies that really get you to lean into them and get interested and become obsessed with the storyline. And there is a formula to it, and he shares that formula and he teaches people how to put that into their marketing.


Their marketing becomes really magnetic and interesting and powerful for the right people. And if your marketing isn’t getting any traction, this could be the book.


So this is the followup book . “StoryBrand” was great, but he had to work out a whole lot of things. In the marketing made simple book.


Donald takes you through step by step the processes you need to go through to figure out what your ideal clients, problem is, and they’ve got plenty, but it’s really, it’s a great process to go through to identify this one problem, the solution to that problem, and then the result, and by getting the answers to those questions, getting clear on that, you can put it all through your marketing, your website, your social posts, all of that sort of stuff.


So your message is very very consistent, and it’s very powerful. So it is a step by step “StoryBrand” guide for any business, as it says on the cover of the book, I highly recommend you go get a copy of Donald Miller’s “Marketing Made Simple”. It will make a difference to the marketing, to your building business.


Q & A

Okay. Welcome to the new segment. It’s a simple Q & A, and the first question I want to address in this first episode of our Q & A, or our first segment of Q & A is I’ve been asked, how do you take a break? How do you take a holiday when you’re really busy?


Like you need the holiday because you’re really busy, but there’s no space to take the holiday. And the answer is quite simple, it’s probably not what you want to hear, you wanna have some sort of magic formula and made wave my magic wand and fix everything up. But it doesn’t work like that.


What you need to do is make sure that you schedule in these breaks and it might be a weekend from time to time. It might be a long weekend from time to time. It might be a week.


It might be a few weeks away, but the secret to this, and as challenging as you might find this, is you get your yearly calendar well in advance. And you go through with your family and what have you and say, let’s take that weekend there or that long weekend, and you schedule them in appropriate spacings up to a year in advance.


And I know that there’s a whole lot of challenges with scheduling holidays and so forth at this time with the COVID and so forth, but do your very best to at least block out the time and where possible make the booking.


So it happens.


Because guess what, and you’ve experienced this is when you have got a holiday already booked and it’s got flights, I mean, back in the old days when we used to be able to fly around and go to different countries, and what have you, when that was the case, and you had a flight booked and it was getting closer and closer and closer, something magical happened.


And you really got your act together and you started to get stuff done, and you met all of the deadlines and you got everything that needed to be done done by the time you needed to leave. And so take advantage of that book them well ahead in advance rather, and make sure that they happen.


And as I said book things, and perhaps arrange it with friends or whatever, so it’s going to happen.


Don’t just sort of tentatively put it in the calendar, but not booking it up, because by the time it gets there, you’re gonna go we’re too busy.


We can’t do it. And there’s no commitment there.


And it’s really important that you do do this because it’s like if you were sprinting and sprinting and sprinting, as hard as you could at some stage, you’re going to break down.


If I got you to hold a fist and you squeezed it as hard as you possibly could and we had some sort of grip strength made that you were holding on to after a little while, the strength in your hand would start to disappear.


You need to rest, and then you need to apply the pressure and then you rest. And then you apply the pressure. And by doing that, you get stronger and stronger and stronger, but how most people run their businesses is squeeze and squeeze and squeeze, and they just keep holding on, but their grip strength gets weaker and weaker.


They experience pain and cramp.


Like this is a really great analogy for how most people run their business.


So it’s not about how do I take a holiday when I’m really busy, it’s schedule them ahead.


You’re gonna be busy anyway, but by scheduling, making a commitment to it, you’ll be able to, make that deadline, get organized and have that rest recreation revitalization.


And when you come back, you’ll have more energy, make better decisions and get more done. It’s a much better way of doing it.

Back To The Conversation With Dan

– I really wanted to help the viewer and the listener understand, or perhaps clear up their mind about really what marketing is.


In fact, blackbelt, we kind of almost banned the word marketing and we talk about attract because we say, well, okay, what we’ve got to do is say, what sort of projects and what sort of people are we trying to attract and the most important question is, are we attractive? and then it’s not just about signs and Ads and all of that sort of stuff.


It’s about the experience and the processes and the communication and team work and all of that sort of stuff that creates the customer experience that contributes to you being attractive to the type of people that you’re trying to attract.


So it’s a lot more than that. But the other thing and before we press the go button, we were talking about your background not being in marketing. And I responded, I said, awesome.


The results are the results that we’re getting with you guys, it’s just I’m over the moon. But in the past, I’ve been approached by people who have a business card who says marketing consultant, and they suggest that I should spend this many tens of thousands of dollars, because I’m gonna get an X in front of X amount of millions of eyeballs or whatever it might be. And a couple of times I’ve done this, I’ve said to them, this sounds fantastic.


Here’s what we’re going to do. I’m gonna open up my books to you, and you’re gonna see exactly how much business we’re creating right now. I want you to put the best marketing project process whatever, together that you can and money isn’t an object.


Don’t worry about that. ‘Cause I’m not paying for any of it.


You are, but obviously you believe in your product and whatever you produce. All I want is 5% of the profitability. You can have 95% of the additional profitability. This marketing campaign generates. It’s a great deal. Like rather than me just paying you this small amount of money for this, I win and all you’ve got is the old bar doors going as I run away.


– Oh, it’s like I’m getting a call. I gotta go.


– And my cynicism also says that a lot of marketers will sell you marketing. And it’s all about how many eyeballs and all that sort of stuff, because it actually can’t be measured. If the phone’s not ringing off, there’s no way of having a return on investment, key performance indicator on the money you’re spending. They can just make it look like it’s working where it’s not. So —


– Yeah. And that’s where it comes to the strategy versus tactics. Even with the best tracking processes on the planet, even with digital marketing, it is really hard to go, this ad produced X amount of dollars because sometimes what happens if a client ends up working with you, but they were in your funnel or your world and being marketed to for 15 months or five months or five weeks, it’s hard to go, here’s the Ad that did that.


It’s hard to go like this one little piece contributing to everything. From a strategy perspective, I think that’s where people need to be looking at their social media or looking at their Facebook Ads spinned with the Google Adwords whatever is, and overarching is the strategy accountable. Meaning, with the money that we’re investing in this, or even just the time and the energy, can we see this as moving the needle?


Like more leads are coming through the door or more people are calling us or more customers are ending up working with us.


I think it’s a huge opportunity for a lot of building business owners to be looking at that and going… If we were to just pivot a little bit and maybe away from the… let’s just put stuff out there for eyeballs and go, like, how can we spend 10 minutes today on social media and figure out a unique thing that we can kind of share.


Like I will share one story that’s related to the housing industry with real estate, which is real estate agents. I don’t know if this is the same in Australia. In New Zealand, very very classic real estate agent, social media strategy is this, they sell a house, then they get in front of the sold sign.


It’s very awkward, the family stays there like, sold. And then the caption is something along the lines of, my name’s Dan sort of stuff, be something along the lines of congratulations to so and so who just managed to see the street record. Team, Dan is very impressed with that. If you need help, give me a call, right?


And it’s just, it’s very predictable, very planned and the family looks like, some extras like an advertising primer hood.


And I’ll tell you what, one instance that we pivoted this for a client that we’re working with and it’s about two years ago and what happened? I told him this, I said, real estate agents typically have very style marketing.


Here’s what I want you to do. You just sold this house and Cedar street record, is that right? And he said, yeah. And I was like, I want you to share a story about that sale.


I want you to not make yourself look like the hero ’cause that’s what every real estate agent would love to do, but instead focus it in on the family.


So he literally kind of did a social media post. It wasn’t a novel by any means, but it was just highlighting the hard work and the preparation that this family took while juggling three kids and a full time job to get this house on the market and set a strict record.


The whole thing looked like they were the heroes.


They were the stars of the show and he was just highlighting their hard work and their dedication to putting this house in the market. Now, obviously anyone reading into it knows he was the one who sold it, right?


What happened was two days after, the neighbours reached out to him and said, hey, we saw the post that you did about so-and-so. We really like what you are all about and the result that you got for them, can you come and do an appraisal for us?


He ended up selling the house and making $30,000 from one social media post. Now, would it have happened like that if he had got them in a photo and [Indistinct] maybe it would have, but my point being, it doesn’t take that much more effort or time to be different, to put in a little bit more effort.


And really the secret is making people feel something. If you think about like we’re inherently, consciously and subconsciously selfish people.


So when scrolling through social media, the question we’re asking ourselves is, what is in it for me. We’re not gonna be 60 seconds in our video if we can’t see whether it’s gonna be funny, whether it’s gonna make us so happy, whether it’s like intriguing, it’s creating curiosity with us.


I think our social media should be the same way that it actually makes people feel something. And it very quickly answers the question, what send it to me, and maybe it’s gonna make them feel good.


Maybe they’re gonna learn how to preserve their roofs that’s falling apart or learn the team benefits of working with you, whatever it might be. It doesn’t take that much more effort and time to be, more thoughtful in the marketing we put out to get a much, much better result.


– Yeah, great story and it sort of… we’ve kind of brought it right back into a net cycle from what we started talking about at the start is when you are positioning yourself, we really need to be talking about the fears, frustrations, wants and aspirations of the people that we’re trying to attract.


They’re not really interested in you, your story, whether you’re Australian, family owned all of this sort of stuff, and that sounds pretty mercenary, but the bottom line is that they’re not.


So don’t use up the real estate on your website talking about that stuff. Make your customer the hero, is just the fantastic advice.


So, before we buy from your experience, what would be sort of the first one to three actions, steps, you would suggest a builder take, to start to create an attract strategy that would start to work for them in the future.


And I say in the future, because the one thing I’ve learned is this the long game, it’s not one post one result, so I better make it a good post.


To me it’s like, you’ve got to be there all the time for a while before people even bother looking.


– Yeah, absolutely. Well, I think there are a couple of things like this, let’s start with a big picture and then we’ll kind of break it down to the macro. Big picture. I think a lot of building business owners decided that just because they can do something doesn’t mean they should do something.


So if you’re a skilled craftsman and you’ve learned how to build fences and decks and houses and renovations, you know how to build the three story million dollar property and the $300,000 unit, just because you can do everything doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. So I think there’s a decision to be made by a lot of building business owners am I gonna be the generalist forever? Am I gonna be the do everything for you on time builder? or are we gonna become focused and become the specialist in one area?


When you do that, you surprisingly don’t get less work you get more. And so what I would say also from that is there are a couple of really easy social media wins. If you see the trend on Pinterest.


People love looking at renovations or they love looking at before and after they look like an empty plot of land, and then all of a sudden there are walls up and all of a sudden the roof’s on and all of a sudden the bathroom is renovated and whatever it might be.


So whether your projects are small or big, I would also be bringing people along the journey. I think social media is a great platform for that. And I think also, whether or not there’s kind of two aspects of this.


There’s value that’s either entertaining or education. And I would say the entertaining pieces, like the progress of a house being built, but are there other tips that you can share.


Are there other educational pieces that you can do on kind of the three things to look for when you’re wanting to remodel your house.


So the three mistakes you see people make when they set out to build their first house or buy their first home, whatever it might be, whatever is specific to your kind of your ideal clients.


The third thing would be is, thinking about is figuring out how can you be running Facebook Ads, even $10 a day to people who are your ideal clients within your area I would be working really hard to become famous, in your kind of your hyperlocal market.


So the beautiful thing about the internet now is that you can go on YouTube right now and you can search how to run a Facebook ad or even better because YouTube is so big and there’s certain people on it.


You could probably search how to run a Facebook ad for builders or construction company, whatever it might be. And you’re gonna get a lot of ideas and a lot of really simple steps to take, to implement that strategy in your business Facebook Ads at some point are going to expire and then are not gonna be as effective as they are now. But the good news is they’re still working super well. I would get in on them while you can.


– I can’t thank you enough for sharing your time and your knowledge. I’m having an absolute hope working with you. It was great to get you on the show and love to get you back.


And I always, if I wanna get somebody back, I’ll always ask them on the show because there’s less chance of refusal if it’s on the show rather than asking you later on. So would you be prepared to come back another time?


– Yeah I’m in. I’m in


– That’s the answer I was hoping for. So, yeah, perfect, and love to be talking to you more about that. ‘Cause it’s a really important part of a building business. In fact, I think it’s the most important part because it flows on to, the people you’re talking to, if you’re constantly talking to people who aren’t qualified, they’re not the right people, it just does your head in,


And if you end up taking on the wrong people well then the build is very unenjoyable and not profitable and stressful. get the right people in the first place. Everything else becomes a whole lot easier.


So thank you very much.


Summary & Takeaway

So what is the big takeaway that I think that you should take from this episode?


For me, it is the Donald Miller thing, because it can help you in so many ways is go through the “marketing made simple” book and follow the process about how to identify what your ideal clients number one problem is.


And then what is the solution to that problem that you provide?


And then what is the result that your clients get by applying that solution?
What will I experience?


That needs to be reflected everywhere on your website. It needs to be reflected everywhere on the content that you create for all of your social platforms and marketing assets, super important that it is consistent because here’s the thing, how this works is that someone will take action when they are thinking about their problem, they’re experiencing their problem, and at that same time, your marketing message appears in front of their face.


Now, how do we do that? How do we make our marketing message appear in front of their face? Just at that perfect time?


Well, the simple secret to this is it’s there all of the time. It’s just that they can’t see it.


So you’ve gotta have a quantity of this message and you are far better off repeating the same message over and over and over and over again, rather than putting different messages out, because then it’s much more difficult for that magical moment to happen for them to be thinking about that exact problem when your solution appears. But if you’re putting up that same problem, solution result information in your message over and over and over when that magic moment happens, your information is there.


People will then start to take action.


That was meant to be, that was amazing. I found it just at the right place, but that’s my takeaway for this week’s episode of Builders Business Success Podcast.


So that’s it for the show. I’m sure as always, and we’re starting to get a whole bunch of questions, that you have questions.


So there’s a couple of things you can do. First one is if you would like to have me help you with your questions or with your challenges with your building business, all you need to do is schedule a call.


I’m more than happy to jump on a phone call with you.


Talk with you about it and point you in the right direction.


How do you do that? Well, underneath this video, there is a button to schedule a call, hit the button, it’ll take you to a small form that just tells me a little bit about your business so I can be a bit prepared and then after you submit that form, it takes you to my calendar and you can select time and day that suits you.


We’ll jump on a phone, we’ll roll our sleeves up and help you with your problem. Now, if you’re listening on the audio only version of this, all you need to do is navigate to buildersbusinessblackbelt.com.au, and you’ll be able to see right in the middle of the page here, the schedule, a call button.


If you’ve got questions that you wanna send in via email, it is [email protected]. Not very difficult to remember.


That’s [email protected]. I hope you’ve enjoyed the show.


Hope you’ve got a lot out of it. I hope I’ll get to talk to you in person in the not too distant future. And we’ll be back with another episode of Builders Business Success Podcast before you know.


I’m Mick Hawes, Builders Business Blackbelt. That is it, bye for now.

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