How Can You Boost Your Business with a Builders Business Mentor?



How Can You Boost Your Business with a Builders Business Mentor?

The relationship you develop with your trusted builders business mentor can be so strong and meaningful that it can significantly elevate your business and quality of life.


Your builder’s business mentor can point out your mistakes without judgement while also preparing you to change your mindset and make room for new outlooks that benefit you and your business. Once you regain self-confidence and get that wonderful clarity of mind back, you’ll inevitably see your building business improve and get the recognition it deserves. 

Effective business coaching for building businesses must include proven methods for boosting revenue and enhancing vital business skills for more effective communication and marketing, amongst other things. In the end, business coaching for building businesses will remind you that you are the one who is in charge and teach you how to act like a leader in any given situation. 

Want to learn how to work less, earn more profit, and bring back your once-solid passion for your business? Our founder and your builders’ business mentor, Mick Hawes, is here to help you do just that - and he is ready to share his revolutionary discoveries with you in his unique Builders Business Blackbelt program.

Want to jump the queue? Book in for a quick chat with Mick and get ready for a truly exciting business journey.


Eliminating Stress and Increasing Profit

If you are constantly frustrated by cash flow, the stress alone is enough to keep you from creating any more of it, no matter how hard you work. The piled-up stress will also lead you to make mistakes which ultimately negatively affect each aspect of your business - but it doesn’t have to be this way. 

With specially designed business coaching for building businesses, you’ll learn to create a perfect harmony between time, money and meaning. Once these three essential business elements are well-balanced, you’ll see that the problems which once seemed irresolvable are now perceived as minor obstacles. 

Whether you’re struggling with a poor marketing strategy, unstable relations between your team members, or something else entirely, a good mentor will be able to detect the underlying issues and provide valuable advice based on their experiences and research. This leads us to the next benefit you’ll get from a good builder's business mentor – a fresh perspective.

Break the Useless Patterns and Adopt a New Standpoint

It is incredible how quickly a fresh set of eyes can spot harmful practices that develop over time and start to seem normal. It is even more interesting how difficult it is to see them - and find the right ways to overcome them - by ourselves. 

Business coaching for builders' businesses programs will present you with new business models, techniques and findings that you can try out for yourself until you find something that works for you. Of course, your mentor will help you on this quest as much as needed. 

Builders business practices often perceive every client as an ideal respectful customer that we must serve the best way possible, but in reality, you can end up losing a lot of money on free quotes, indecisive clients and projects doomed to fail from the very beginning. Sound familiar? We know how it feels, but we want you to know that you don’t have to put up with that feeling any longer. Apply for our Builders Business Blackbelt program now and break the negative cycle.

Learn and Improve Long-Term Skills

Business coaching for builders’ businesses is focused on equipping you with long-term business skills rather than sharing quick-fix tips. These tips are carefully curated to strengthen the areas of your business that need additional consideration. In the end, you’ll have a brand-new business model that works for you every step of the way.


The most exciting part of having a good builder's business mentor is that you’ll foster a long-lasting relationship where confidence and trust come naturally. Over the course of your career, you’ll have a person who is ready to provide consistent guidance, resources and support.

Expanding Network and Creating New Business Connections

Having solid connections in the builder business world is invaluable, and your builders’ business mentor is just the right person to help you find them. With your mentor’s help, you will meet the right people, expand your business network and ensure your visibility and recognition in the field.


This task might seem daunting in the beginning, but as soon as you realise how many great opportunities you’ll get just by maintaining respectful relationships with the people from your branch, you’ll understand how beneficial it is to have a great builders’ business mentor by your side. 

Mick dedicates himself completely to each builder who wishes to achieve more, but it is his greatest honour to see them improve and carry on with the good practices without any help. Once you have learned the ropes, your success will be entirely up to you - and we can’t wait to see how far you go! Apply for our Builders Business Blackbelt program today and boost your business like never before.


Our mission is to disrupt ‘old school’ Building Industry thinking, eliminate the frustration and unnecessary pain experienced by builders and their clients, as well as elevating builders to true professional status.


Proven models with step-by-step processes combined with accountability measures and guidance, all the while sharing the experience and knowledge with others, is our formula to make it better today – not next year.


If you are genuinely serious about taking your business to a new level of profitability, enjoyment and time freedom, then we are genuinely serious about helping you. Apply to join our program and if you’re successful, you can experience every single part of this proven program. If it’s not for you (or you’re not for us) you’ll receive a full refund no questions asked.

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